Links of London Big Rock "Diamond" Ring Charm

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Links of London Big Rock "Diamond" Ring Charm

Whether someone put a ring on it, or diamonds are simply your best friend, spoil yourself rotten with the Big Rock ‘Diamond' Ring Charm from Links of London.


  • Sterling silver
  • White topaz stone
  • Measures approximately .6" across
Since the days of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, charms and charm bracelets have been a symbol of individual identity, luck, past experience and future goals. Reinvigorated by the opulent ornamentation of Queen Victoria, and further excelled by troops returning home from WWII with trinkets and trophies, the 20th century saw an immergence of personalized charm bracelets. Celebrate a marriage, birth, trip, promotion, or even you just being you with beautifully crafted, thoughtfully designed charms from Links of London.
Links of London Big Rock Links of London offers a stunning variety of both men's and women's jewelery. Available in both sterling silver and 18 kt gold, there are plenty of charms and charm bracelets for customers to choose from. Perfect for gifting, Links of London bridges contemporary design with classic style.

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