Simon Pearce Woodbury Menorah

Style: 1531
Price: $295.00
Simon Pearce  Woodbury Menorah
    All Simon Pearce glassware are designed and handcrafted using old fashioned techniques that are centuries old. Simon Pearce products accentuate simplicity, functionality, timeless style and elegance. Each piece holds a unique look that brings individuality, character and a sense of human touch.

Simon Pearce Woodbury Menorah measures 6.5" tall by 13.5 wide.

Simon Pearce  Woodbury Menorah Handcrafted in Vermont, Simon Pearce features organic glassware designs ranging from vases to tableware to candles and accessories. Ideal for wedding gifts, housewarming, or just because, Simon Pearce glassware is perfect for any special occasion.

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