Jay Strongwater Rhodes Charm Bracelet 8"

Price: $68.00
Jay Strongwater Rhodes Charm Bracelet 8"

A charm bracelet is like a memoir yet to be written- whether youre looking to live a story that is more Romance or Adventure, this 8 Rhodes bracelet from Jay Strongwater is a stunning starting line.


  • 18K gold-plated steel
  • Hand-set Swarovski crystals
  • Handcrafted in New York and Rhode Island
  • Signature Jay Strongwater ring-and-toggle closure
Since the days of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, charms and charm bracelets have been a symbol of individual identity, luck, past experience and future goals. Reinvigorated by the opulent ornamentation of Queen Victoria, and further excelled by troops returning home from WWII with trinkets and trophies, the 20th century saw an immergence of personalized charm bracelets. Celebrate a marriage, birth, trip, promotion, or even you just being you with charms handcrafted in the United States from Jay Strongwater.
Jay Strongwater Rhodes Charm Bracelet 8 As Creative Director and founder, Jay Strongwater has manifested his love for art into jewelry manufacturing. Inspired by everyday objects, he has created timeless jewels for the home and for women to wear worldwide.

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