ALOR Kai Double Strand Bangle

Price: $995.00
ALOR Kai Double Strand Bangle

Few things are as graceful and exposed as the wrist of a woman- give yours a bit of defense with this beautiful bangle from ALORís Kai collection.

  • 18 k yellow gold
  • Stainless steel
  • Grey stainless steel
  • Diamonds: 0.24 total carat weight

The KAI collection from ALOR features impeccably crafted pieces with a whimsical heart. Through an exclusive process which forms waves of stainless steel, rich colors meet unexpected shapes and textures. Punctuated with diamonds and highlighted with 18k gold, jewelry from the KAI collection is instantly iconic.

ALOR Kai Double Strand Bangle ALOR exists at the intersection of modern style and classic sensibility. World renowned for designs of colored stainless steel and 18kt gold finished with diamonds, both men and women have long enjoyed the thoughtful detailing of these special pieces. Great casually layered for an everyday look, or worn alone as a statement for special occasions.

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24 hours a day
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