Layaway Plan

Interest Free Shopping is now offering an easy installment plan to make your shopping experience more affordable and convenient. The best part is there is no finance charge.

This service is particularly useful in today's economic climate. The prices of European goods and gold have been on the rise. By utilizing our layaway plan, you ensure that you are locking in the price at the time you enter into the agreement.

Taking advantage of our layaway plan is simple. The only requirement we have is that your order total be $200 or more. When you are ready to order, just call one of our sales representatives at 888-321-9477 and we will design a payment plan that caters to your needs.

Regardless of your plan, the first payment will be applied the day of the transaction; subsequent charges are to be made the first of the month. When your bill is paid in full, we will ship your item(s) to you free of charge.

Please be aware, a cancellation fee of 10% will be applied to any canceled layaway purchases. In addition, the return of any layaway purchase will result in a restocking fee of 10%. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but these fees are set up simply to cover the costs incurred while transacting with you.

For questions or to arrange your personalized layaway plan, email or call us at 888-321-9477.